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Monday, 3 September 2012

Old and Rare Architectural Clock Towers in Pondicherry ( Puducherry)

The French colonial period of Pondicherry saw trades on seas and development of education as well as health systems in Puducherry.The story of three clocks (Tours de l'horloge) has a special place in History of Puducherry and still stands as an epitome of Pondicherry city

Chinna Mani Kundu / Petite Tower Clock

The Clock Tower stands high in the streaming lines of people moving in and fro to the Bazaar /market called as Chinna Mani Kundu  or Chinna Kadai ( The Petite Bazaar in French).It stands high with a height of 25 feet built in lime mortar near the cutting of Lal Bahadur Shastri Street and Mahatma Gandhi Road.The market is famous for small shops lined in rows selling flowers ,fruits, cookery items, gifts,toys ,meats and many other things , all in one place.It was the Pondicherians own multi super market before the dawn of retail stores .The big tower clock was donated by Cou Latchoumanasamy Chettiar in the year 1892 (as per history).

Periya Mani Kundu/ Grand Tower Clock

Periya Mani Kundu or the  Goubert Market is located  in the centre of Pondichery between the four important streets JN street,Anandha Ranga Pillai Street,Mahatma Gandhi Street and Bharathi Street .The bazaar was created in 1826 and as to its name, it is much bigger in size compared to the Chinna Kadai and has goods double the size of the Petite clock tower .The clock tower was build in the year 1851 by Dayrianadin in the name of his uncle Diagou Modeliar and so it is even called as Diagou Mudaliar Clock Tower .Located in the busy streets of Pondicherry, this Bazaar is famous for all shopping purposes even now and can be seen filled with people always .It is the lively and active spot of Pondicherry city

Muthialpet Tower Clock
Muthialpet Tower Clock
Another yet smaller  version of clock tower can be seen in the three way cutting of Muthialpet Market, Karuvadikuppam road and MG Road .A little further inside, is the small market of Muthialpet selling goods for the Pondicherry people in that area.

The above pictures are rare pictures of Puducherry shared by I Love Pondicherry who gave us rights to use these pictures in this website.

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