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Saturday 30 August 2014

How to Apply for a Online Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate becomes very important for various reasons like school /university purposes, registering for a marriage, getting driving licences including immigration related matters such as passport and visa purposes. 

A birth certificate should have the following - Individual Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Parents names, annotation by the appropriate authority indicating that it is an extract from the original records and a red seal (either from municipal authorities or village authorities).

Almost every birth registration is done at the hospital itself for a specific charge. But if there is a need to apply for a birth certificate due to delayed registration of birth or loss of original birth certificate, then you can apply online for a copy of your birth certificate issued by the Pondicherry Government. To apply for the birth certificate, you need to follow the below simple guidelines, 

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online

how to apply for a birth certificate
How to Apply for a Birth Certificate
  1. Using Online Form - Submit Online Forms using  Submit Form Online 
  2. Using Desktop Client - First, download and install Offline Client on the system using this link [ Download Eform Client (Ver. 1.0.0)]. Now, to download the birth certificate application form go to this link Form Details  under which you need to click "Download Form" which automatically downloads your application in your computer. Fill it up and then upload the filled form using the "Upload EForm" under the Form Action. (see image above)
  3. Using Print Form - Download and print the PDF form by clicking on "Print PDF Form" under Form Actions. Now, fill it up manually and submit the form directly at the concerned department. 
Supporting documents that you will need to scan and attach are
Copy of:
  • Certified copy of Birth Report Form-1 by Medical Authority.
  • Affidavit (Notary Signed).
  • Parents Identification Proof

Good Luck!

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Friday 4 October 2013

Online Voters ID Registration for Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu

On 22nd Sep 2013, chief electoral officer Praveen Kumar have said that the center has began training programmes for Internet browsing centre personnel across the state to help people register online for the online registration of voter identity cards . He also added that “ This process eases the effort that people have to make to obtain a voter ID as the verification will be done at their homes after registering at the centres” - [Source -deccanchornicle] - so free yourself of long standing queues or any other inconvenience and make use of your Internet browsing center after clarifying that they can help you to do the same. 

Else fill the form at the convenience of your home with the help of the guidance below.

This article will help to guide on registering your voters ID 

Goto the link  [ for TAMILNADU AREA ]

As you can see , there are four different forms for different purposes . We are going to fill form 6 for including our name into the voters ID.  So, click any button of row one of FORM 6 which will open up this page ( see image below) 

Tamil Nadu Elections Department

Fill your name, your home address , your photo (maximum size 350 kb) , post office name and pincode , members of family already included in the voters ID and declaration. And then enter the verification code and click submit. Your application will be processed and you should receive an confirmation of the same.


Visit this website : 

Click Online Voter Registration just below the About Us.

online voters registration
Online Voters Registration, Puducherry [Click Image for larger picture]
You are directed to the Online Registration Page. Click on the button " Click Here to Proceed" green button on the page.

online voters registration
Online Voters Registration, Puducherry [Click Image for larger picture]

You will directed to FORMS PAGE - Form 6, Form 6a, Form 7, Form 8, Form 8a . Do click on the required form by clicking on the red round button on the side and provide the details as required.

online voters registration
 Online Voters Registration, Puducherry [Click Image for larger picture]

Hope this article helps you. If you have any doubt or clarification, kindly give your questions on the comment below. I will try to answer them within 48 hrs :)

Thank you!

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