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Pondicherry or otherwise Puducherry , a small french town in India is a amalgamation of Indian cultures with the French cultures.A remarkable degree of French culture exists in Pondicherry till date.The entire town is divided into 2 sections, the French Quarter (Ville Blanche or 'White town') and the Indian quarter (Ville Noire or 'Black Town'). Many streets still retain their French names, and French style villas are a common sight in Puducherry.
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In the French quarter, the buildings are typically colonial style with long compounds and stately walls.

The typical Indian quarter consists of houses lined with verandas and houses with large doors and grills.

These French and Indian style houses are identified and their architecture preserved from destruction by an organization named INTACH. The use of French language can be still seen in Puducherry.
This blog updates the history of Pondicherry as well as strives in creating connections among the needs of a Pondicherrian.
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