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Top 10 Places to Visit in Bangkok , Thailand

Travelling to different locations gives us a lots of experience exploring the outside world as well as giving us a sense of relaxation. My dream destination spot is Bangkok. I have heard a lot about it and have them seen in movies and is one location that is in my bucket list.

So now that I have decided my location, it is time to search and research more about Bangkok special spots. And the more I come to know about Bangkok, the more I became culturally connected with it and wanted to visit it soon. Not only for me, the below lists will help all those who looks for some amazing things in Bangkok. 

Top Places that I would like to visit in Bangkok

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (The Wat Phra Kaew ): The Grand Palace in Thailand is the first place I would like to visit. With over 100 of buildings having a history of 200 years of architectural experimentation along with the most important chapel of Emerald Buddha which has a relative connection with India (being first created in India in 43 BC by Nagasena in Patna), I am more than thrilled to visit this place. The Buddha statue is named “Emerald” for its green color although the secret is that its is made of Nephrite Jade. The beauty of this whole place is its architecture in the walls of the buildings and its surroundings that speaks a volume about the changing architecture during the various reigns of the kings. The place is enormous and I can't get enough of seeing the place only through images. Being a believer in Buddha and higher spirits, I want to visit and feel the positive vibrations all around the Grand Palace.

Emerald Buddha Bangkok

The Temple of Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho): Next, I like to see another major Buddhist temple in Bangkok with a 160 ft Buddha statue lying in a horizontal posture and hence the name "reclining". By the look of it, you can see how huge the statue is and if you ought to know the meaning of his position, here is what I found. This is a place where the traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage was born. The statues that is seen here were all created showing yoga positions ( that's amazing). And on the walls, one can see engraved teachings that explains all about Therapeutic points and energy pathways. What an informative place it should be! Yes, I would love to see these age old wisdom of knowledge and in fact get myself one such Thai massage.

Wat Pho reclining Buddha

The Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun): My third in list is the temple of Dawn named after the Hindu god Aruna who is said to be the charioteer for Surya, the Sun God. According to Hindu mythology, he is now seen as the reddish glow of the sun in the early mornings. Also, this temple reinforces a mystical symbolism on all its four sides with images of the guardian gods. Another "wow" factor is that this temple marks the Thailand’s beauty of the rising sun and glows in the light during sunset. Being a believer and traveller, I love to see and immerse myself in the beauty of Wat Arun.

wat arun

The Temple of Golden Buddha: Next in line is yet another Buddhist temple known as "Phra Buddha Maha Suvarna Patimakorn", the world's largest solid gold statue (about 3 meters tall) located in the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok in Chinatown. It is said to be the miracle of Indian craftsmanship. The whole statue of gold is said to be in nine parts that fit perfectly with each other. A special key can be used to disassemble the statue, to facilitate its transportation and then can be fitted again together into a perfect shape.Wow! hats of to our ancestors knowledge and wisdom.

Golden Buddha

I am amazed at these rich wisdom, Buddhist temples and amazing architecture that has been preserved in Bangkok. Well, now its time to see other interesting stuffs, get some Thai foods and do some shopping around.

Bangkok Klongs: Klongs is another famous tourist spot because of its floating market with fruits, vegetables and sea-foods all sold through boat travelling through a canal. It is a completely different yet traditional lifestyle that I wanted to witness and in fact, love to have a sneak peek on their type of foods they have.

Floating Market Bangkok Klongs

Jim Thompson House: Yes, it is a museum created by Jim Thompson in Thailand. This place proudly presents an insight to the ancient and traditional architecture having a collection of various old Thai structures from all over Thailand. It would be really amazing to see these collections and in fact learn a lot of Thai’s way of living. I must go there at least once.

Jim Thompson House

The Giant Swing: Another religious structure in Bangkok with a Hindu connection. This huge structure has a story related to Lord Shiva and the Naga serpent. While the pillar of giant swing denotes Earth where Lord Siva rules, the base of the giant swing denotes the Sea where the Naga rules. To celebrate this event in history, it is said that every month a swing ceremony called Ceremony of Tri-yampawai is held according to that of the Thai lunar calendar. Yes, I would like to witness one swing ceremony, know more details of this event and see in fact how they celebrate it.

Bangkok giant swing

BTS Sky train: Imagine travelling on elevated stations (above ground) that is constructed on three levels and that too in a train. The Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) is an elevated rapid transit system in Bangkok, Thailand with two major directions helping you to explore Bangkok in a quick and convenient way. All trains have an AC, LCD monitors (for advertising through) and 4 doors on each side per car. So, I will be taking my chance to explore all around Bangkok travelling in BTS Skytrain.

BTS Sky train Bangkok


Thai Foods: A travel with without food is always incomplete. Thai Foods are the highlights of Bangkok, and having seen or tasted only the version of Thai foods, I guess it is time to make my visit truly memorable. My Thai food lists includes 
  • Som Tam ( a type of Salad)
  • Gang Keow Wan (Thai green curry)
  • Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles)
  • Kai Jiew Moo Saap (Thai style omelet) 
  • Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Soup)
  • Gai Pad Pongali (Chicken and Thai yellow curry)
  • Pad Pak Bung Nam Man Hoy (Crispy vegetables)
  • Sang Kaya Fug Tong (Pumpkin and coconut custard)

Shopping Venues: Is it worth travelling to a new country without doing any shopping? Definitely not! I would rather do some window shopping at least instead of returning empty handed. Khao San Road is very famous for shopping in Bangkok. With its budget accommodation and shops attracting visitors, it is also called as a backpackers' destination. My uncle told me that they sell lots of handcrafts, clothes, paintings, clothes, low cost products and many books which can be bought at a good price.

bangkok Khaosan Road

Central World: It is yet another famous shopping plaza complex in Bangkok, Thailand which is said to the sixth largest shopping complex in the world. Do I want to miss this? Nope! Whether I do my shopping or not, I will have a walk around on this shopping plaza seeing different types of stores related to fashion and lifestyle products. It was said that the Central World was once the busiest shopping place in Bangkok but after a fire accident in May 2010 with the collapse of Zen department and then following repairs, it was reopened again in Sept 2010.

central world bangkok

Bangkok, is truly a vibrant city of great skyscrapers and wondrous shopping malls. With so many Buddhist temples, cultural architecture, vibrant traffics, interesting Thai massages and tasty Thai foods, it is no wonder Bangkok is the top most tourists attraction in the world. For the final goodbye - Yes, Bangkok is marked in my calender and when I return back home, I will have lots of wonderful memories to share, tons of photos to be preserved and yes, of course with my shopping bag.

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