We have started small but we strive to make it big !

Our website is slowly developing  binding to needs of Pondicherians and their unique talents .We are looking for creative talents in and around Pondicherry who needs a pavement to exposure their talents .

We at Pondicherrywiki directly serve as an online advertising of your creative works all FREE OF CHARGE. Remember our only criteria is that we look for articles/products related to Pondicherry city.
  • Are you a Writer, a scribbler ? Then write for us in your name. We display works of amateur as well as professtional writers. We only look for articles on Pondicherry.
  • Are you a Blogger? Write a guest post for us. We provide you link-backs and promotion thereby increasing your Google Page Rank and Traffic to your website by following Google guidelines.
  • Are you a Photographer? Feel free to showcase your images copyrighted your name. Yes, we promote it too through our social networks. 
  • Are you an amateur or/professional artists residing in Pondicherry? You can contact us to showcase your talent through a short interview conducted by us.
We also look for companies or brands in Pondicherry/Puducherry who would like to promote their products by offering promotional codes or discounts for the people of Pondicherry through this website in return for free advertising through our website.

What we don't accept?
We don't accept or encourage adult contents by any means.
We don't accept photographs that targets adult audiences
We don't accept direct promotional articles unless it contains some useful information.
We don't accept rude remarks, politics, or weird news articles

What we do accept?
We accept historical news or ancients articles on Pondicherry city
We accept photographs and news about old Pondicherry (or) how your life was in Pondicherry decades ago 
We accept ideas or suggestions to develop Pondicherry city.
We accept short stories or poems on Pondicherry
We accept French articles and news about Pondicherry

For all submission, do contact us at (or) through Facebook.

We expand our networks as more of you visit and display your works. This website strives to bring out information that are crisp, clear and helpful for our people in Pondicherry city. In a single word, this website will be your One-Stop point for all your needs in Pondicherry.

We may not be a complete without your help. 

If you want to write for us, contact us through email.
For any queries /ideas/complaints, again contact us.

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