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Thursday 30 January 2020

Alamparai Fort Beach Experience (அலம்பரை கோட்டை கடற்கரை)

Getting straight to the point, my hubby and I happened to hear about the Alamparai Fort Beach near my hometown Pondicherry (பாண்டிச்சேரி) from one of my friends. So, we planned to visit the beach in the evening to avoid the harsh weather of the South. We booked a van for around three families of friends and started from Pondicherry around 3.30 p.m to reach Alamparai fort beach which lies near Kadapakkam (கடப்பாக்கம்), a village 45 to 50 km from Pondicherry. During our travel, two friends who had already visited the Alamparai fort started to share information about the beach history.

It was said that Alamparai Fort (அலம்பரை கோட்டை) was constructed in the late 17th century as a seaport during Mughal era period and has a 100 meter harbor that stretched into the sea. Around 1750, the fort was given to the French for the services rendered to Subedar Muzarfarzang by the famous French commander Duplex. When French were defeated by the British, the fort was captured and destroyed in 1760 AD.

At present, all that remains are the parts of the fort built of bricks and limestone. You can see the tall walls around the fort and there are some brick steps that lead to the top of the fort.

Alamparai Fort
alamparai fort
ஆலம்பரை கோட்டை

After we reached the village, we got down from our van towards the beach. The weather there seemed so pleasant and cool. The sand was so soft to walk on. My little one was so excited to see some shells and put some shells into his pocket. We slowly started walking from one side of the beach to another. The view of the beach was so stunning that even though the beach was long, we thoroughly enjoyed our walk. I loved the fact that the beautiful and serene. The water was crystal clear with no plastic and paper floating there. Touch-wood!

Alamparai Fort Beach

People in the nearby areas keep the beach so neat and clean. So, what's more needed. We started to get wet in the beach water soaking ourselves and enjoying the pleasant weather. The crabs were running around the beach and my son was playing trying to catch crabs.

Alamparai Fort Beach Experience

After soaking and playing in the beach water , we sat on the shore drying ourselves and talking about the experience. As time went by, we also saw the mesmerizing sunset. We spend some more time clicking photographs and it was time to move back home as it was getting dark.

alamparai beach

Also, I noticed the water started to flow a little high and as we started moving to the shore further, the water was almost near our knees. My friends, children and I had to hold hands like a chain form to be a little careful as the stones were slippery too. Finally, we reached back home safely at 7.30 p.m.

alamparai beach

The best time to visit the Alamparai fort beach is the morning and evening. One can choose this Alamparai fort beach for sunbathing and yoga in the morning or evening time. Always remember to take towels, food, drinks and umbrella with you if you plan to stay longer as there are no restaurants and hotels around that place.Umbrella- because there is no place for shelter if it is raining. But beware, as there is no security in that place going in groups helps.

Alamparai Fort is becoming one of the most popular tourist spots in and around Pondicherry and so it is about time that the authorities take proper precautions to make this place safer and better . But, with all the above pluses and minuses, Alamparai fort has a magnificent piece of architecture and stunning view of the beach. So, never forget to take a camera with you .

Exact location : Alamparai Fort, Edaikazhinadu, Tamil Nadu - 603304

alamparai fort

Credits: Rajeswary Karthik
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