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Sunday 9 March 2014

How to book a BSNL Landline compliant?

The best way to book a BSNL complaint in Puducherry was always offline going to the concerned department and booking a complaint yourself. The main reason is that you can get to talk with the concerned authority and also you come to know in how much time your complaint will be resolved. 

With new changes and improved features, BSNL has also come up with an Online option to book your complaint and one can see it clearly from their website. And I guess in near future (though late), this option will reap benefits for the common people avoiding the hot weather, traffic and standing in queues. Quite recently, I have successfully booked a complaint for my dead phone and also received my complained ID. Here are the steps that you need to follow for booking a BSNL complaint for your Landline phone including Boardband connection online successfully .

Steps to book BSNL Landline Complaint

Step 1:
Go to where you can see the page displayed as below. Click on Landline/Boardband  under Complaint Booking.

bsnl complaint
BSNL Customer Care Portal

Step :
After you have clicked, you must see a drop down menu with different city names. For booking complaints for Pondicherry city, click Tamil Nadu since Puducherry comes under Tamil Nadu circle.

bsnl complaint
BSNL Customer Care Portal

Step 3:
You will be taken to the BSNL Customer Care Portal wherein you can either use your BSNL login id on the right panel (or) use the left panel with doing any registration. Click "Register a Complaint" on the left panel.

bsnl complaint
BSNL Customer Care Portal
Step 4: 
Next, enter your STD code, land-line phone number, your complaint type ( Phone Dead, Low Speech, Noisy, BB Modem problem, etc), your verification code as seen on the right side and click Submit.

bsnl complaint
BSNL Customer Care Portal
Step 5: 
If you can see the green line as above telling you that your complaint has been registered along with your complaint ID, then your complaint booking is successful.

bsnl complaint
BSNL Customer Care Portal

Hope this helps!

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