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Thursday 20 February 2020

Puducherry Online Electricity Bill Payment in Three Steps - using Amazon

I personally found using Amazon to be the most easiest and quickest way of paying my family's Puducherry EB bill. All you need is an account with a valid Debit or Credit card added in.

pondicherry electricity bill payment online

STEP 1: 
Click "Amazon Pay". You will get different utilities name like electricity, water, mobile recharge.
Note: The process will be more or less same like the Electricity bill (we are going pay now) for all other bills too.

puducherry eb bill payment
online electricity bill payment puducherry -

STEP 2: 

From the drop down menu, select "Puducherry". Then, select "Government of Puducherry Electricity Department" for Electricity board, enter your Consumer Number (you can see your reference number from your physical electricity bill - should be like xx-xx-xx-xxxx) and finally select 'LT' (for most individual households, small commercial units).
Note: HT is only used for bulk electricity supplies.

pondicherry electricity bill payment online

pondicherry electricity bill payment online

And click on "Fetch Bill" . The screen shot how the current unpaid electricity bill is fetched is shown below
puducherry eb bill payment
Puducherry eb bill payment -

Click on "Continue to Pay" where you will be asked your bank card details. If you already have one added, amazon straightway chooses that bank card as default. All you need to enter is your "CVV" found on bank of your card (3 digit numbers) and complete your payment.

Other methods of paying Puducherry (EB) Electricity Bills are
Through Puducherry Electricity Department Website
Through SBI Collect
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Friday 15 August 2014

Pay Electricity Bills Online in Puducherry

Long back we have seen on how to pay your electricity bill if you possess a SBI account in Pondicherry. But, now it becomes more feasible to pay your bills online if you are an HT consumers through the following ways,
  • State Bank of India Net banking
  • State Bank of India ATM cum Debit cards 
  • Any Bank Debit cards 
  • Other Bank Net banking 
How to know whether you are a HT consumer or not?
According to Electricity department there are two types of consumers namely HT (High Tension) consumer and LT (Low Tension) consumer. LT customers take their supply at the normal street voltage of 240 volts for single-phase connection or 415 volts for three-phase connection. On the other hand, HT customers take their supply at higher voltages, that is greater than 415 volts and generally used for driving various industrial motors. Domestic electricity is mostly LT based for individual residential connections. But HT is applicable for big offices, industries, universities, schools and even apartments (if purchased electricity in bulk).

pay electricity bills online

If you are an HT consumer, head over to this link and click "Proceed For Payment" (click and go right below the website) for paying your consumption charges through Internet Banking. The rules on how to fill the form is given with clear instruction in the first few paras itself. 

If you are NOT an HT consumer but a LT consumer (domestic usage) , DON'T WORRY.
You still have an option to pay your electricity bills through SBI bank account and Indian Overseas Bank account. 

Pay your utility bills through Online SBI.

Just  download and view this pdf  for clearer instructions on how to pay your electricity bill through SBI Online.

Pay your utility bills through IOB

Login to the corresponding merchant’s site and enter the necessary details asked. When asked to select the bank for making payment select "Indian Overseas Bank", the site will be redirected to internet banking login of IOB. Now, use your IOB  internet banking account to enter your login id and password. Finally, enter the funds transfer PIN number to complete the transaction.

To know more on how to get a new domestic service connection, change of traffic and name transfer for electricity bills, head off to this link FAQ index on Puducherry Electricity.

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Thursday 24 May 2012

Online Electricity Bill Payment facility in Puducherry

The Puducherry government has inaugurated its online payment of electricity bill facility for domestic customers using low tension power by bringing in Public sector SBI [State Bank of India ] in its fold.
Customers who wish to make use of this service have to perform a one-time registration on the website, after which their account numbers would be linked to their electricity card details.And for  availing this service , you need to be an account holder in SBI .

1.Login to and register yourself using the Internet Banking form.
 [click here for downloading the form ]

2.Enter into the Personal Banking with your login details

3.Then , Register the biller to which you want to pay, with all the bill details.

4.After the bill (recent) is uploaded by the biller, you can make payment online using SBI account.

5.Using the bill payment , you can view and Pay Various bills online, directly from your SBI account.

Auto Pay Selection : You can also set up AutoPay instructions with an upper limit to ensure that your bills are paid automatically whenever they are due each month. Setting up an upper limit ensures that bills lying within the specified limit are paid automatically and the rest is ignored thereby providing you complete control over these payments.

SBI-Insta Pay : Using this service you can make instant payment for utility bills (electricity, telephone, mobile phone, gas etc.) / Recharge prepaid mobile /credit card / DTH/ insurance premium/ subscription for magazines/ donations to religious or charitable organisations. No prior registration required.

Pay More Bills Online

Complaints /Grievance Cell 
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